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"We provide a premium experience to the most sought after sports and entertainment events around the globe."

Who Are We?

Since 2005, TicketEntertainment has provided world-class event access with the purpose of creating unforgettable moments for our clients and giving them the thrill of being in the action.

Our client base ranges from large corporations to concert fanatics and casual sports fans. We are here to entertain you.

How we operate

At TicketEntertainment, each conversation begins with an experience request. Once you've filled out the simple request form, a member of our team will call or email to help you narrow down your perfect experience. Then, through our distribution relationships, we are able to source premium seating or VIP requests to your special event. After we've provided you with options, we take care of the logistics from beginning to end.

You're then on your way to making your event perfect.

Why Us

We've seen every scenario. Our utmost priority is you, the client. Our reputation is based on decades of customer service and satisfaction. Whether you're a large corporation entertaining guests, or a father taking a son to a sports game, you are our priority. We give you the red carpet experience.

Each moment is priceless, and now we're ready to pass the thrills on to you.



Luxury Suites

Whether you're looking to entertain top clients or spend a meaningful night with friends or family, a luxury suite provides the ultimate space to dance the night away or cheer on your favourite team in a 5-star setting. Across North America and Europe, our luxury suites can come with gourmet food and top-shelf beverages to suit your needs and make your event one to remember.

The Premium Ticket

Attending an event is special, but sitting in the perfect seat is unforgettable. Being within mere feet of your favourite artist or capturing that memorable goal while celebrating above the player bench makes all the difference in the world. Our team only suggests premium seating that we would sit in ourselves. Make your live experience perfect with our premium ticket option for any major event - worldwide.

Formula 1 Grand Prix

Within meters of the roar of the racetrack, attend one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. Our offerings include everything from VIP Paddock experiences to sitting in your favourite grandstand while feeling the engines roar.

Super Bowl

With over 30 Super Bowls under our belt, we know the best Super Bowl experiences involve having our team on location. From tailgates to parties, leading right up to kick-off, our team ensures that your experience is no less than a touchdown.

The Olympics. World Cup. Euro Cup.

Cheer on your country from start to finish. We offer unmatched packages to help you and your group capture your team's moment in the international spotlight, from the first medal to the last goal.

The Extra

Whether you need a limousine to drive you to the big game or a special surprise for your out of town clients, our team is there from start to finish to help you plan your experience and ensure every detail is perfectly in place.

Contact US

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For all other inquiries, including distribution partnerships, please contact us at:

Email: sales@TicketEntertainment.com
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TicketEntertainment, 222 Boul Crémazie E, Montréal (Québec), H2P 1E3